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Third day

For day two we've seen the Bulgarian workshop about "Safety on the internet" . Na njoj smo radili razne kviziće i pitalice i koji su nam pomogli da bolje razumojemo opasnosti na internetu.Nakon nastave smo otišli u escape room naše grupe su uspijele izači na vrijeme (jedva) no kada smo rješili sve zagenetke i otkrili istinu palo smo se prepali sadržaja ormara .Nakon toga smo se slikali i otišli doma.

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First day

We ate in the morning and after that we went to school with the tram,we presented ourselves and the director greeted us there.
After that we did a presentation using ICT tools showing our country and our school.
After we finished the workshop,we went to visit zagreb,there we saw the cathedral,the St. Mark's church and Stone Gate.
Then we had free time.

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Second day

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We had a presentation that the Portuguese held where we lerned a few new things about other partner countries. We played Kahoot and they sang a traditional Fado song.

Hunting for sights

We did not know where we were going. We managed to find the fountain on the zrinjevac, the square of King Tomislav, a botanical garden (which was closed). We found a passage, but it was refurbished and it looked like nothing in the picture. We found the klemana door and the Roman tombstone, but as rain began we went to the hotel and waited for it to stop. As rain stopped, it was time to find ourselves in the square and we did not find the man on the bench.



For dinner we went to some to go to the Chinese restaurant some on the pizza and some to the famous McDonald's. That's what we split.

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Fourth day

On the fourth day we had a workshop directed by Poland on communication with peers, but focused very much on the pressure of peers we had little quizzes and tasks we did.When we had a presentation led by Romania on European traditions we worked on a basket that we had to explain what is the tradition of the country. After that, we worked on the portfolios and had a free afternoon. We got about half of the seven in the square and went to dinner at the Golden Medo restaurant. We were super awake all night laughed.

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Fifth Day

We had no time to write there pls ignore this.

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